The Eighth of January

Happy New Year! While it’s still the 8th of January, I’d like to post this outstanding performance of an old fiddle tune called . . . “The Eighth of of January.” On this date in 1815, American forces under the command of Andrew Jackson defeated British forces at the Battle of New Orleans—unfortunately after a peace treaty ending the War of 1812 had been signed, but before either side had gotten the word. This tune was composed to commemorate the victory and later became the basis for the famous ditty, “The Battle of New Orleans,” written by Jimmie Driftwood and recorded by Johnny Horton and others. Hat tip to Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion radio show for bringing this bit of history to my attention. I had heard of The Battle of New Orleans, but I didn’t know it took place 196 years ago today. Enjoy the video!


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