The Happy Haka

Reader PaperSmyth and I have been chatting via the comment boxes lately about rituals, symbolism, and team loyalty. When I mentioned that wearing an Auburn University cap brings back all sorts of memories of my Dad, and wearing a University of South Carolina cap brings back both memories of my Mom and memories of my own time at USC, Papersmyth responded that she has used the earthshaking, earsplitting experience of The Tunnel Walk at University of Nebraska home games as a metaphor for what The Last Trumpet in the book of Revelation might be like:

And it’s quite effective! So, PaperSmyth, I’ll see your Tunnel Walk and raise you one haka. Maybe if the Gamecocks did that before every game . . .


One thought on “The Happy Haka

  1. Hey, how did you know I listen to The Daily Breakfast? I am a bit behind on my podcast listening, it seems. (Oh, too much work! I love my job, I love my job, I love my job…) 😉

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