I Want to See This Movie!

The trouble is, it hasn’t been made yet.

As a relative newbie in the world of comics, I gather that a big screen version of the adventures of the Green Lantern is like the holy grail to fans. There are rumors of a Green Lantern project in development, but apparently it hasn’t been cast and there isn’t yet a final version of the script—in short, it’s in “development hell.”

I’ve seen other fan-made GL trailers, but this is by far the best. This effort is from an individual by the name of Jaron Pitts. If you watch the original video on YouTube and click on the “more info” link, he lists dozens of audio and video clips from movies and TV shows that he stitched together (rather expertly, I must say) to make this video. He talks about the development process here. I was blown away by the professional look of this little film. It looks like a real, studio-produced movie trailer. In my humble opinion Nathan Fillion would be an excellent choice to play Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern, but the word is that he probably will not. Until the movie comes out, at least we have this beautiful little dream of what could have been.

Hat tip to Damien Stadler of the HeroMachine Developer’s Blog and combox for bringing this to my attention. Thanks, Damien!


3 thoughts on “I Want to See This Movie!

  1. Nice new look for the site. I, too, would welcome a GL film. Have you ever listened to the Secret Identity Podcast? Those two guys do cover A LOT of territory, so news shows up there from time to time on a variety of developmentally impaired comic-related projects. (I would have to issue a small profanity warning to you if you are considering listening to it, though.)

  2. Thanks for the compliments, PS. I decided to change the look of the blog because I got tired of the little video windows extending beyond the borders of the area where text appeared in the old layout.

  3. "I got tired of the little video windows extending beyond the borders…"Yes, that makes sense. Sometimes when I slim down windows on a variety of blogs that will happen: good call there. Also, always nice to be able to actually see the mass readings for the day.

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