Hi! Remember Me?

Um, hi. Remember me? The guy who runs the blog? Glasses, kinda geeky looking, annoying opinions, won’t go away? Yeah, that’s the one.

Once again, I must apologize for a lack of postings. My attention has just been diverted in other directions these days. Things are actually going pretty well for me at the moment. Starting November 3rd I’ll be teaching two sections of a business communications class under the supervision of a faculty mentor for the University of Phoenix Online. This will end a long period of unemployment, and, I hope, lead to bigger and better things–such as a paycheck. If the mentor likes my performance in this class, I’ll have the opportunity to become a junior member of the faculty. For their final project in this class, my students will have to put together a Powerpoint presentation. Since I’m a newbie at using Powerpoint myself, I was wondering how in the heck I was supposed to grade my students’ work. While listening to some cool Celtic music, however, I had a flash of inspiration and created a presentation based on one of my fiction projects–a story about a team of superheroes on a Celtic motif. It’s a rare thing when you get to do what feels like goofing off and having fun but can justify it as part of your work! Putting the Powerpoint presentation together got me excited about the story all over again, and I’m going to pick it back up.

I have a new desk at which to work, a new manual wheelchair, and a new electric wheelchair on order. With the assistance of my family, I’m trying to obtain a loan to buy and renovate a condo in Charlotte, NC, which would be a huge improvement over where I’m now living. God is Good!

There are a couple of clouds on the horizon, however. Recently I’ve noticed a couple of odd things about the way my body is behaving which could be fairly innocuous or which could indicate that something more serious is wrong. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday to discuss these problems and see what he recommends I do. I have a disability and other associated health problems already, and given all the medical adventures family, friends, and I have had in recent years, I have to work hard to keep my imagination from running away with me and envisioning all sorts of worst-case, doomsday explanations for these latest medical oddities. Your prayers, gentle readers, would be appreciated. If, God forbid, there is something seriously amiss with my insides, I pray I can face it with courage and faith. If, on the other hand, it’s just a minor glitch or two, then Deo gratias. We shall see.

I do hereby promise also to be a more faithful, frequent, and regular blogger. Until next time friends!


2 thoughts on “Hi! Remember Me?

  1. Hey- just wondering how you are dealing with the Axia College requirement of a PC. I don’t have the funds to purchase a PC and no guarantee of access to one, either, so I may need to bow out of the whole Axia experience now before I get too deep into the interview experience (although I already paid $50 + to have my transcripts mailed to them). Is it impossible to do this if you don’t have a PC? Seems very old school, pun intended.

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