Ain’t She Sweet?

I’ve been so preoccupied with preparing for my training with the University of Phoenix that I’ve had to put my superhero fiction writing activities on hold temporarily. But I thought I would post the picture that Jeff Hebert, creator of the HeroMachine software, website, and blog, drew for me as a prize for winning his weekly caption contest recently.

This is Celtica, an Irish-American super-heroine, and her faithful hawk companion Branwen.

In the fictional universe I’m trying to create for them, Celtica and Branwen have been chosen to defend Ireland and the rest of the world against the dastardly doings of Malak the Fell, an evil druid/wizard/mage type guy:

I told Jeff I’d like to see Celtica in action as if she were going into battle against Malak. Here’s what he came up with:

Pretty cool, I think. Jeff obligingly made three different versions, varying the length of Celtica’s staff slightly in each, trying to get the right sense of proportion. This is the one I liked best. Hope you enjoy it!


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