To Blog or Not to Blog: A Bleg

Top of the mornin’ and a happy St. Patrick’s Day to all three of my regular readers! I have a bleg (blog question–perhaps the word is derived from a combination of “blog” and “beg”?) for you. As may have noticed, this blog has been silent for some time. Things have been happening around here lately, but not the kinds of things I’m completely comfortable sharing with the entire blogosphere–important decisions about my future and such. It made me wonder if I should get out a notebook I sometimes use for a private journal and thrash out the issues in there. My question, or bleg, is this: Do you, my fellow bloggers, also keep a private journal for writing about stuff you would rather keep confidential? How much of yourself do you feel comfortable revealing on your blog? Do you only blog about public matters and keep the rest private, or do you let it all hang out? Just wondering.


3 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog: A Bleg

  1. My blog started as a catharsis and a business experiment following a catastrophe in my personal life. I’ve tried to keep my personal life out of it as much as possible, but the growth in my blog has mirrored my own recovery.I don’t think that blogging about your personal troubles is a good idea. For one thing, the writing becomes dated very quickly. For another, when you write about your problems, you are typically in an emotional state. When your emotions change it’s probable you will regret what you posted for all to see.I’d really recommend a personal journal. Better yet, find a message board out there with people who are going through the same thing. You’ll find a lot of support and common experiences.

  2. I agree with the first comment – and, from experience, I can tell you that you should never assume that an anonymous blog will remain anonymous. ;)Prayers for your discernment.

  3. I typically have a natter with my friends or husband about big problems. I keep a prayer journal, to keep track of what I think God is saying to me. I do like to share personal stuff, but not the stuff I’m not comfortable having complete strangers know about me.

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